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Look what I found while packing




Josh Gad’s daughter is possessed by Frozen!

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Welcome to Walt Disney World in the summer.


I wish they knew how much everyone hates them.

Entering the park. In the lines. In the stores. In restaurants. On the streets. On the rides. Waiting for the parades. Waiting for the fireworks. Exiting the park. In my fucking nightmares. 

I’m not going to keep this on my blog very long but I’d like to throw in my 2 cents. You’re at a DISNEY THEME PARK. And no matter how much everyone here loves Disney, it’s still first and foremost for Families and Children. You’re going into one of the most crowded places just to complain that large groups of tourists come to enjoy it like everyone else? I live in Anaheim CA where we pay taxes on Disneyland’s fireworks that keep us up all night long but you don’t see me on here posting stink face just so everyone can reblog and say things like they hate these people. We get the same thing over here and I’d rather have 1000 excited foreigners than one stick in the mud.

It still doesn’t make it any less annoying. Like dudes, we didn’t pay thousands of dollars on a dream vacation to hear your nasty ass chanting all fucking day

Try being a Cast Member. We fucking hate tour groups more than the guests hate tour groups. Tour groups are the bane of our existence. Especially the Brazilians and Argentinians. They’re the fucking worst.

Yes! Ugh they are the worst! Especially in the huge lines for ToT, Space Mountain, Expedition Everest, and Splash Mountain!

So like I don’t want to drag this on forever, but I want to say that the Families with kids are not the issue. They’re actually usually great, and they often go home early or the kids fall asleep.
It’s the tour groups that chant and clap loudly for longer than you would think possible.
I don’t know if they’re aware of how annoying it is, or if they don’t care, but either way if I can’t hear the person sitting next to me they really should be a bit quieter. It’s not being a stick in the mud, it’s wanting people to have some respect for those around them, who have just as much of a right to enjoy the parks as anyone else.


do you ever just smell an old perfume, or hear an old song, or pass an old hangout spot and kinda break inside for a couple minutes



Hey, shipmates!!!
Over on Instagram, we have a little thing going on that is growing and becoming pretty damn awesome!!
Go check out our accounts and if you’d like to be involved (any canon characters welcome!) then hit one of us up!

blowmiakisscolin (me!) - Emma
bbypiratebunny - Killian
killianknows - David
firmonhispromise - Snow
avengents - Regina
rolandsdimples - Robin
onceuponajollyroger - Roland
kissmelikeapirate - Tink

We have various subplots between characters and everyone is super friendly. We’d love to have more of you guys on board, and we especially need:
- Henry
- Ruby
- Rumple
- Belle

We’ve now added Ruby and Belle to the family! Thank you principessa101 (Ruby) and princess-duckling (Belle) for joining us! Any and all canon characters are welcome!

I am now @/RedAsARuby on Instagram! (In addition to my other Instagram account)
I’m just starting to RP like this so don’t judge me too harshly.

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now i’m rolling my window down
i love the wind but i hate the sound
you’re like a tattoo that i can’t remove
and it feels good, it feels good, it feels good